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I AM THAT: Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj and Maurice Frydman
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This collection of the timeless teachings of one of the greatest sages of India, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, regarded by many as a "modern spiritual classic" is a testament to the uniqueness of the seer's life and work.

"I Am That" preserves Maharaj's dialogues with the followers who came from around the world seeking his guidance in destroying false identities. The sage's sole concern was with human suffering and the ending of suffering. It was his mission to guide the individual to an understanding of his true nature and the timelessness of being. He taught that mind must recognize and penetrate its own state of being, "being this or that, here or that, then or now," but just timeless being.

I am that I am, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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I AM THAT I AM I: A Tribute to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

by Stephen Wolinsky

This is a powerful companion volume to one of the most important spiritual texts of this generation, I Am That by Nisargadatta Maharaj. It both illuminates and elaborates upon the major understandings, confrontations, and contributions of this most remarkable sage. Utilizing his direct personal experience, interactions, commentaries, quotations, and the inquiry procesTs, Dr. Wolinsky transports readers right into the room where they find themselves in the presence of this most extraordinary teacher.

I am that I am, Stephen Wolinsky
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the final talks of Sri Nisargadatta

by Nisargadatta Maharaj and Jean Dunn

In this book you will find the last teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, the final dialogues he had with the people who came from all over the world to hear his words. These talks, coming during the last days of his life, were the culmination of the rarest teachings he had to give us; they were the summit of the heights of his wisdom.

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Talks with Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

edited by Jean Dunn

The wisdom contained in Prior to Consciousnessemerged from dialogues with devotees, who came from all over the world to learn the mysteries of life at the feet of the Maharaj until a few days before his death in 1981 at the age of 84. Jean Dunn, a close follower of Maharaj, was with him towards his last days. She observes that during the last two years of his life Maharaj did not entertain any questions pertaining to this worldly life and its improvement. He taught only the highest truth.

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The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

edited by Jean Dunn

Seeds of Consciousness is the first of three books edited by Jean Dunn, which are wholly taken from daily Talks given by Nisargadatta Maharaj at his Bombay apartment during 1979 and 1980. Books of this type have been prepared by other editors, all of whom used the same group of English translators, but Dunn (a disciple for many years) has selected the clearest talks, least burdened with technical Hindu pointers.

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The Tao of Meditation, the Birth of Quantum Psychology

by Stephen H. Wolinsky

The book reveals over 75 of the meditation techniques which are the cornerstone of Quantum Psychology--powerful, effective tools for transforming and mastering negative and limiting patterns of behavior.

The book is divided into various types of self-work, with explanations and examples drawn from Dr. Wolinsky's experiences with students, individually and in classes.

Hearts on Fire
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Beneath The Illusion Of Being

by Stephen H. Wolinsky

The Nirvana Sutras and Advaita-Vedanta: Beneath the Illusion of Being." Following on Nisargadatta Maharaj's' basic premise, "All you can teach is understanding, the rest comes on its own", Dr. Wolinsky through a series of sutras and commentaries, demonstrates using eight contexts ranging from Buddhism to science, from Advaita-Vedanta, neuro-science and linguistics, and tantric yoga, to provide a long neglected understanding which lies at the core of all of these teachings, that all spirituality and psychology are dependent on the existence of a separate independent individual subject-I, and if this subject-I is an illusion, a product of the nervous system, a miss-perception, then a not only does the "I" disappear, but so does the foundation and basic premise of all spirituality, spiritual paths and psychology.

The Nirvana Sutras
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WALDEN III: In Search of a Utopian Nirvana

by Stephen H. Wolinsky

Drawing on Buddhism, ancient Indian texts, and early Greek philosophy, this book traverses the postmodern scientific implications of deconstruction as it pertains to spiritual life and understanding.

Walden III
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by Jean Klein

DIALOGUES BETWEEN JEAN KLEIN and his students and friends, during recent seminars in the United States and Europe, form the text of this illuminating book.

In many different settings and circumstances, Jean Klein casts and re-casts the teaching of Advaita, addressing each individual in his or her own uniqueness, while at the same time demonstrating the oneness of being. These far-reaching exchanges - exploring almost every aspect of self-knowledge - show that it is only through living fully in "not knowing" that we can awaken to our real nature: the "I AM" of pure consciousness.

In addition, Jean Klein discusses for the first time his early life, his meetings with his teacher in India, and the moment of his awakening. The result is an inspiring prologue that not only gives us an intimate look at this remarkable teacher and the discoveries he made in his search for truth, but also makes clear the immediate accessibility of these discoveries to every earnest seeker.

Transmission of the flame